Behold a gallery of friends, fans and family kickin it SikRik style.

Ryan Almightytattoo Gillikin and his new best friend

Customer Mark Loeffler got creative with a Jim Beam GG mask stand. Nicely done, sir!

Booji Boy prepares for Halloween dinner, 2012.

My Mom passing out candy to trick or treaters as Booji Boy - Halloween 2012

Hangin out with Merle at the Murder Junkies show in Fort Wayne - June 6, 2011.

Tex's lady (and GG's ex) Liz Mankowski rockin the SikRik shirt with the GG masks

One of Tony Hawk's kids sports the new Booji Boy mask.

Booji Boy and Mark Mothersbaugh at Mutalo Muzika - Jan 30, 2013

SikRik's #1 FAN Alan "Tex" Johnson posing with his collection. Lookin good, brother!

Jeff Clayton/ANTiSEEN Bad Will Ambassador rockin his SikRik gear with GG masks.



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