About the masks 
each edition has been handcrafted, casted and painted one at a time by me. The designs are intended for display purposes; however they can be modified with vision/breathing holes to be worn. 
*See the helpful tips section for more on this topic

If you place an order and do not specificically request vision/breathing holes and or slit on back of mask. It will be shipped without any modifications.

What is the difference between 1st limited edition and 2nd unlimited edition?:

The original sculpture I make is cast into a 2 piece stone mold (during this process the sculpture is destroyed making it impossible to cast again) This stone mold breaks down over a period of time. It is only good for about 35 copies (hence, the 35 limited edition numbered pieces). These are the largest most detailed pieces and usually sell for twice what we are selling them for. I am keeping the prices low for several reasons that I won’t get into here…rest assured these are not the crap you buy at Walmart. I save the very first mask out of the original mold (referred to as the production copy) and set it aside for making the molds that will be used for the 2nd edition unlimited set. Once the 1st edition mold has run its course I clean up the production copy and cast it in stone just as I did with the original sculpture. This gives me the ability to recast the highly detailed production copy, as many times as needed because it will not be destroyed during the mold making process. The main differences between the two editions are The limited edition is numbered, more detailed and about 10% larger. Not to say that the 2nd edition isn’t detailed or tiny…it’s just a 2nd generation and with that you get a little less detail. The reason why they are 10% smaller is because the latex shrinks when it dries. Both editions are hand painted by me and will have the utmost attention paid to them. Both editions use approximately the same amount of materials and the same amount of labor and paint time. This is why they both cost the same amount. Both editions are still larger than the average adult head. If you receive either edition and don’t feel it was worth the $$ spent. Ship it back to me in the same condition you received it in and I will Paypal the purchase price back into your account. I am not in the business of ripping anybody off.


About the process 
each time I display a mask in public the first question I hear is “how do you do that?”. I figured I would take a moment to give you the cliff note version in an attempt to give you a little insight to what all is involved in this process. The vision begins with an idea for a design (I have several dozen bouncing around in my head as I type this). I then do a little research for images related to my design ideas and either sketch some references or jump right into the clay. I usually get right to it because my patience doesn’t allow me much time for thumbnails. I spend approximately 50-150 hours sculpting the design (depending on the complexity of the piece) in oil based clay. Once the sculpture is complete I make a 2 piece slip mold of the sculpture in a material called ultra cal (it is similar to plaster, but much stronger). Once the mold is completed I clean all of the remaining bits of oil clay from the detail of the mold. Unfortunately the sculpture is destroyed in this process. With the mold completed I have a negative impression in stone that can be strapped together, filled with liquid latex to dwell for about an hour and then emptied out. The remaining latex adheres to the detail on the inside of the mold. I allow the latex to dry for approximately 24 hrs under a fan and then pull it from the mold. I then trim the flashing and correct any major imperfections with a paintbrush and liquid latex and or dremel tool. Once that step is completed it is time to fire up the compressor and airbrush. I spend the next 4 hours airbrushing layers of highlights and lowlights back and forth until I get the desired effect. It usually speaks to me right at the end and says “stop I’m done”. The last step is to gloss the eyes. I will never grow tired of this step. This is when they take their first breath.