Here are some helpful tips and information


Keep your masks away from UV light (sunlight or fluorescent bulbs). 


Stuffing the mask with plastic grocery bags will help to maintain its true shape.

You can also use a wig head form.


Customizing your mask: If you have ordered a piece with vision/breathing holes and it is too large for your head, you can glue a piece of sponge or foam rubber to the interior top, back (or both) of the mask so that your eyes match the level of the vision slits. If you need to enlarge the vision openings, try the mask on, determine where the holes need to be trimmed. Remove the mask and trim the openings with scissors or an exacto knife. NEVER TRIM THE MASK WHILE WEARING IT. If the mask fits too tightly, you can lengthen the slit at the back of the mask. 


Before Placing an Order

Send an email to with the following info:

1. Which mask design and/or display stand are you interested in?

2. What quantity are you interested in?

3. Are you ordering your mask for dipslay or as a wearable? (note: wearable masks may have entire eye removed)

4. Where would you like to have your ordered shipped?


Please note: the average postage amount for orders in the US is $20.00 USD per item. Some may be more, some less. Out of the US, postage is approximately $25.00 USD. If I can combine orders to save you shipping, I will. Once we figure out the best way to approach shipping, I will send you a funds request. Upon receiving your payment, I will fill your order.  Plan on 4 weeks for delivery. I try to keep an inventory of each design on hand; however, if I am out when you place your order, I will need to pour and paint yours prior to shipping. This could take a little time. Please be patient. 



Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take suggestion for new designs?

I am open to hearing any suggestions you may have in regard to future designs. Please keep in mind this is a very time-consuming process, so I would have to be in love with the idea before I dedicated time and effort into making it happen.


Do you do work for films?

Years ago, I did work on a few films--set building and some prop creation. 


Would you do a custom mask of my boss or family member?

I know it would be hilarious to make a mask of your boss or family member, but the reality is, I would have to charge you so much that the novelty would lose its appeal.

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